How to Buy Bitcoins in Dubai

Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been the future of money worldwide.  It is the virtual way of accessing and utilizing money, for the purposes of universal trade. BitOasis, which is a Dubai-based Bitcoin wallet for the cryptocurrency, will encourage city-based consumers to utilize this multi-signatory Bitcoin wallet more and more frequently. This article will teach you how to buy bitcoins in Dubai and the UAE.

Learn how to Buy Bitcoin in Dubai

How to Buy Bitcoins in Dubai

For someone who wants to start buying Bitcoins, much homework and investigation are required.  Purchasing Bitcoins in the UAE is particularly challenging as the options for purchasing cryptocurrencies is very limited.  If one resides in Dubai city, there are a number of licensed brokers and exchange houses from which Bitcoins can be purchased. Outside of the city itself, however, the challenges are greater due to the lack of licensed exchange houses and brokers that are available.

If you do decide on purchasing Bitcoins, all that is required from you is an email account and a mobile phone in order to set up a Bitcoin account.  Setting up an account virtually takes a matter of minutes on sites such as or similarly on websites. Alternatively, one could purchase Bitcoins from other individuals who are selling them.  When purchasing Bitcoins, you can use cash, debit cards, credit cards, or alternatively other cryptocurrencies.  Purchasing Bitcoins through an accredited broker, such as Regal RA in Dubai, is the safest way to purchase Bitcoins as they provide the penultimate in protection against fraud and theft, as well as hackers.  Your Bitcoins are also kept in cold storage at such a broker which means you can use your Bitcoins at any time you choose without having the risk of vulnerability as it is safely kept.  Some of the Bitcoin Licenses Exchanges and Brokers will charge an average of 5% handling fee on Bitcoin purchases.

Purchasing Bitcoins in Dubai using CEX Exchange

In the UAE, this purchasing of Bitcoins utilizing CEX Exchange has proven to be one of the most reliable and secure means of purchasing Bitcoins, as well as other digital currencies.

How Bitcoin Mining Works

Specialized software is developed and used for Bitcoin mining.  Bitcoins, being cryptocurrency, means that it does not have a centralized government control, hence it can be utilized by anyone anywhere worldwide.  Mining is a smart way of encouraging people to utilize and continue to utilize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.  The mining of Bitcoins is a safe and fair way to ensure that the network remains stable and that all transactions are updated continuously, as well as validated by the mining pool of resources.

The blockchain is the process utilized in Bitcoin mining to validate transactions as well as the integrity of these transactions and record throughout the network of miners.  Blockchains are used in Bitcoin nodes to assess transactions which have been spent as well as to distinguish over the entire network of users, to prevent re-spending of Bitcoins elsewhere.

Bitcoin mining can be very beneficial and profitable to everyone depending on how much one is willing to spend on mining hardware and software.  For you to begin mining, it will be essential for you to join a mining pool which comprises other miners who have merged to mine more effectively and successfully.  When Bitcoins are mined successfully, the profits are shared amongst the pool of miners.  The profit sharing will depend on the amount of workload each miner has contributed to the mining pool.

Learn more about this entire process here:


If one is looking to purchase Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in Dubai, it appears to be much easier if one is staying in the city of Dubai where there are numerous licensed brokers and exchanges, whereas living in the Gulf or outside of the city of Dubai poses many challenges in the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

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